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Help Hungry Kids.

Not hungry CEOs.

MAKE A Miracle. #Donate Hope.

A Kid will feel the love

Grandest Gesture

$99 / Day

(Your donations are put to work right away, so we arwe not generally able to provide refunds)


With donation levels devastated post-COVID, inflation keeping food prices sky-high, and more;

there are several reasons why it's so important that everyone realizes the difference they can make. We can all help in our own way. Charitable donations help alleviate child malnutrition and provide resources for those in need. Additionally, even the smallest donations have real impact. Children literally suffer without your help; Your donation can have a positive impact immediately. Charitable giving, giving back, paying it forward; Whatever you call it, civic responsibility to our communities is an important part of our unwritten social contract. Even the staunchest isolationist would find it difficult to let innocent children go hungry. Giving of your strengths to help the needy through any form of charity should provide a sense of personal satisfaction and fulfillment, knowing that one is making a positive impact in a child's world.Donate Now